Creating sweet moments of joy to celebrate life

Welcome to Petrovitch since 1903

For a sweet moment of joy, opt for the refined confectionery from Petrovitch.

The high quality assortment varies from Pâte de Fruits, produced with real fruit pulp, to luxurious Rock Candy Sticks, Cocktail Stirrers and Maple Sticks made out of dried natural maple sirop.

Petrovitch uses only the finest ingredients.

The rich Dutch history of our confectionery can still be seen and tasted in the craftsmanship more than a hundred years after its founding in 1903.

Thanks to our decades of experience, we know it comes down to dedication. Dedication to our traditional & artisanal products and our loyal customers. We invest in long-term, warm relationships. For these reasons, our customers have often been working with Petrovitch for decennaries. You can always count on us.



Quality • Flexibility • Reliability


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