Available in several colours.



Candy sticks Rainbow mix

Candy sticks mix containing 6 colours with matching fruit flavour
orange / apple / strawberry / lemon / raspberry / blueberry
Available in 11 cm and 17 cm

Retail packaging

Transparent DT box 36 g
Please contact us for private label possibilities

wrapped coloured sticks

Rainbow wrapped Candy sticks

Individually wrapped candy sticks Rainbow mix
available in 11 cm and 17 cm

wrapped logo coloured sticks

Logo wrapped sticks

Have your own full colour logo printed on the foil

candy-sticks-display-box-rainbow-mixPetrovitch Candy sticks Rainbow mix Display box

Content: 12 x Candy sticks DT box Trainbow mix 36 g


Pyramid Rainbow mix Candy sticks

Transparent gift bag
Content: 10 candy sticks 60 g or 125 g