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The team

Who run the world of Petrovitch today?

To the outside world Léontine Wegewijs and Kira Menzel together form the heart of Petrovitch (obviously very well supported by the rest of the indispensable team internally). A perfect combination.

Léontine grew up with Petrovitch. Her father Florus Wegewijs taught her the importance of personal involvement with customers. She now fulfills the same role with verve. Her education in Management, Economics and her experiences abroad gave Léontine the skills to run the company. Moreover, thanks to her creativity, she always finds a solution for your request.

Kira worked with Petrovitch for many years and has always remained closely involved with the company. She has a proven track record as an Export and Key Account Manager: she has been responsible for the worldwide export of delicious confectionery for almost twenty years. With her charming and structured approach and excellent command of several languages, she knows where to find the best routes.

‘As I grew up with Petrovitch, it sometimes feels like Petrovitch is my last name. Petrovitch has my heart because we make such delicious and beautiful products. Nothing beats the taste of real sugar, and the look & feel makes it complete. Whenever I present our confectionery products, for example a Candy Stick with company logo, people are surprised. Your normal cup of coffee gets a real nice upgrade with it. Also our Pâte de Fruits products are a real treat when you deserve something tasty! I love the products, the relationships with customers and traveling the world to show our wonderful offerings everywhere.’

‘Years ago I met Florus Wegewijs and the Petrovitch company for the first time. We worked together a lot in confectionery, back then I lived in Amsterdam, so I regularly stopped by and a lifetime friendship was born. We shared our passion for high quality confectionery products. It feels incredibly special to now work for Petrovitch. Who wouldn’t want such an enticing Candy Stick in their coffee or cocktail? When I invite friends for coffee or drinks, I’m always able to amaze them with our products. There is a world open to Petrovitch.’