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About Petrovitch

It is 1903 when Ilia Petrovitch settles in The Netherlands. The Amsterdam sugar industry is vibrant and concentrated in the neighbourhood Jordaan at the time, so Petrovitch finds a place there as well. The facing brick of the building at Egelantiersstraat still shows the name: Suikerwerkfabriek (Confectionery Factory) Petrovitch. The artisan confectioner makes finger licking good Pâtes de Fruit, Nougat and Fondant. He quickly makes a name for himself as one of the well-known and best confectionery makers. Read more about Ilia Petrovitch in “The Story of Ilia Petrovitch” on this website.

Family Business

It is the 1970s when Florus & Hella Wegewijs cross the threshold at Petrovitch. They direct the twenty representatives who drive across the country to sell the delicious confectionery to bakeries and specialty shops. They also start crossing borders with export to Germany, France and Belgium. When bakeries in The Netherlands increasingly disappear from the scene in the 1980s, the emphasis shifts even more to export. Pâte de Fruits and Fondant, among others, from Petrovitch find their way all over the world. And that has not changed since. From Japan to the Middle East and America: millions of people worldwide enjoy the delicious confectionery of Petrovitch every year. Florus & Hella Wegewijs have always been working on long-term and warm relationships with customers as well as suppliers. When Florus passes away in 2012, his daughter Léontine takes over his role. Close involvement with customers is in her blood.

Millions of Candy Sticks

At the end of the 1980s Candy Sticks enter the European market when Petrovitch notices an increase in the demand for Rock Candy products. Later on Petrovitch expands the assortment of Candy Sticks with loose Candy Sugar and Sugar Shapes.

The cane sugar used for our Rock Candy products is sourced from Mauritius. Thanks to the tropical climate, this sugar has an excellent taste. Also for the other raw materials, Petrovitch chooses only the best variants from suppliers that comply with all European legislation. Nowadays millions of Candy Sticks and thousands of kilos of Fruit Gummies go over the proverbial counter every year.

Indulgence for B2B and Retail

Petrovitch’s luxurious products are particularly popular as an exclusive treat. This means that our confectionery is aimed at the top of the market. Our customers serve the Candy Sticks in the hospitality industry, for instance. The diverse range and limitless possibilities for different packaging makes Petrovitch’s confectionery also very suitable for retailers.